Training course on Application of Artificial Intelligence in Natural Resource Management

14 tháng 6, 2024

Vietnam National University of Forestry has collaborated with University of South Wales, UK to organize a training course on "Application of Artificial Intelligence in Natural Resource Management"  from May 29 to June 4 2024.

This training course is within the framework of Wales' global partnership program with universities in Vietnam in general and between the University of South Wales (USW) and two Vietnamese universities in particular, University of Engineering and Technology - Vietnam National University and Vietnam University of Forestry (VNUF).


Attending the training course are a team of lecturers from USW: Prof. Andrew Ware, Director of the Wales Institute for Digital Information (WIDI), Dr. Mabrouka Abuhmida, Senior Lecturer in Computing and Mathematical Sciences, leader of A.I. Research Group and Expert. Rob Whittey, Lecturer in Computer Science along with teaching assistants majoring in Data Science and Computer Science at USW. On the side of VNUF, participating in the training were 15 officials, lecturers and students from faculties and institutes of the university.


The 5-day training course covered a variety of topics such as: Understanding Artificial Intelligence; A.I. Fundamentals; Data manipulation with Python/pandas; Exploratory Data Analysis in Python (EDA); Machine learning and Supervised Learning with scikit-learn; Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras; along with practical projects such as: Health survey analysis of BMI; Facial recognition with supervised learning; Predictive modeling for Agriculture and Service classification with deep learning. In addition, lecturer Robert Whittey presented a practical project on identifying and tracking fish movements in video footage in the Caribbean Sea.

Besides highly specialized lectures from lecturers from USW, the support team has dedicatedly assisted each student in practice, ensuring all participants effectively comprehend the materials.


During the meeting with the USW team, the President of the University, Prof.Dr. Pham Van Dien expressed his gratitude towards the team for coming to share useful knowledge about A.I. applications in general, and A.I. applications in natural resource management in particular. The training topic is very useful, helping to strengthen the capacity of the university's lecturers and students as well as being very suitable for the university's digital transformation process towards a research-oriented digital university.

During his time at VNUF, Prof. Andrew Ware, Director of the Wales Institute for Digital Information, discussed cooperation in training and scientific research in the field of A.I. in the coming time between the two universities.

At the end of the training course, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phung Van Khoa – Vice President and Prof. Andrew Ware awarded the course completion certificate to recognize the participants' efforts in actively attending and fully completing the course. The training course ended successfully, providing perspectives on practical applications of A.I. in general and application opportunities in the field of natural resource management in particular.

Some pictures of the training workshop


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