The journey to becoming a remote sensing data science expert in Canada of a student from Vietnam National University of Forestry (VNUF)

29 tháng 3, 2024

Besides, she is also a blogger who inspires many young Vietnamese with her academic results and love for nature.

The decision to "reach out to the world" thanks to the Natural Resource Management program.

VNUF is a leading training institution in the fields of forest resource management, urban forestry, conservation, and biodiversity. These are extremely important fields that are of interest to many countries around the world. 

Before entering university, Nguyen Nguyet Anh never thought she could study abroad. But after being exposed to the Colorado State University Program; as well as listening to teachers who have studied abroad in many different countries and returned to teach at the Faculty of Forest Resources and Environmental Management, Nguyet Anh was inspired and changed her perception of opportunities and potential.

Nguyen Nguyet Anh, student of the advanced program in Natural Resources Management, Vietnam National University of Forestry 

Right from the first semesters, Nguyet Anh saw more clearly that the major had many practical applications and the opportunity to win a full scholarship to exchange, study abroad and work in an international environment.

Right from the second year, she has the opportunity to participate in scientific research activities, approach research topics applying remote sensing technology to forest resource management, and participate in international competitions. 

Thanks to field trips and opportunities to study with leading teachers and professors from the United States, Nguyet Anh accumulated a good professional foundation and equipped essential soft skills. This contributed to helping her win full scholarship to exchange and study in the US and Canada.

After graduating from VNUF, Nguyet Anh won a scholarship to study for a master's degree at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Canada. Currently, she is working as a remote sensing data science expert in biodiversity and resource management in Vancouver, Canada. In addition to her main job, Nguyet Anh also writes books and is a blogger who inspires learning and love of nature for many young Vietnamese people.

Nguyet Anh at the famous national park - Banff, Canada

Sharing some information about study opportunities in Canada, Nguyen Nguyet Anh said that young people who want to study abroad can check out the SEED exchange scholarship for final year students at UBC (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada). Regarding opportunities to study master's and doctoral degrees at Canadian provincial universities, some large universities that award scholarships include University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, University of Saskatchewan. 

Also according to Nguyet Anh, scholarships in Canada are often awarded by large universities of provinces and states. Students can find more information about scholarship and opportunities directly on the school's website; or directly contact professors who are recruiting students for master's and doctoral programs.

On her blog "Moon in Loonie Land", Nguyet Anh shares the experiences and knowledge she has learned during her time studying in Vietnam and in Canada; her time working as an expert in science remote sensing data in resource management and biodiversity now.

Nguyet Anh's blog "Moon in Loonie Land" inspires many young Vietnamese with her academic results and love for nature.

Nguyet Anh shared that she absolutely loves writing. Writing helps her create space and time to slow down, to temporarily put aside daily worries. More importantly, writing gives Nguyet Anh the opportunity to talk to herself.

"To write, first of all you need the quietness. Writing helps me separate from the hustle and bustle of life, temporarily putting aside the burden of work on weekends to live more leisurely. Thanks to that, I see more thoroughly the sadness and joy I have experienced to appreciate and be grateful for life," the young blogger confided.

Nguyet Anh's book launch event in Hanoi

Talking more about her decision to create a blog to inspire the young generation, Nguyet Anh said that her memory trips are endless. She chose to record her stories, with the hope that her experiences on her memory trip will bring new and useful knowledge to those who visit her little corner. 

Through that, Nguyet Anh also hopes that her perspective will be an inspiration for young people to be motivated to go beyond their comfort zone and explore the world.

To the younger generation - those who are "groping" on the journey to adulthood, Nguyet Anh said, do not be afraid of uncertainty, because uncertainty is the privilege of youth. However, don't let that state last for too long. If you have a plan in mind, start with the smallest step to make your dream become a reality.

"It's never too late or too early to do work that you find meaningful. The years are limited, live to the fullest with your heart's calling to create memorable memories," Nguyet Anh confided. 


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