International students express their want to study and gain experience at Vietnam National University of Forestry

26 tháng 3, 2024

Daniel Vicente - Spain

Graduate student

VNUF deserves the title of being the leading university in the country in training Forestry and Forest Resource Management. During my study and research process here, I have acquired a lot of in-depth knowledge from experienced professors, which has helped me a lot in the process of implementing and completing my master's research project on the topic of Zoning and effective management of Biosphere Reserves.

Mr. Khamphet – Laos

PhD Student

VNUF is like a home in my heart. Choosing to come to Vietnam to continue my advanced study and research, I was very grateful for the enthusiastic support and assistance from not only the teachers but also the students, and graduate students at the University. Particularly, the close relationship between neighboring countries Laos and Vietnam made my experiences even more special.

Eveliina Sulo – Finland

Undergraduate student

I don't think it would have been possible to integrate so quickly without the thoughtfulness of the lecturers and the enthusiastic hospitality of the students at the University. I love and cherish all the memories I had during my 6 months of exchange at VNUF. I'm sure I will come back here for future research or collaboration opportunities! 

Elias Åhman - Sweden

Graduate student

Having the opportunity to study at the Vietnam National University of Forestry was the most beautiful and memorable time of my 25 years. The officers in charge have supported and assisted us in the process of adapting to our new life. Lecturers and specialized professors have conveyed valuable knowledge about Vietnam's perspective on forest management, protection and development activities. I have shared my process of studying and living in Vietnam with my family and friends. Everyone is very excited to have the opportunity to come and experience at VNUF in the near future.

Shreyas R Kalyani – India

Undergraduate student

The first time I went abroad, I was fortunate to come to Vietnam, study at the Vietnam National University of Forestry and feel the affection and dedication of the university's staff and lecturers. Right from the airport to my first meal and class, the teachers took care of us as if we were their own children. They provide all the conditions for us to have the most fulfilling living and learning experiences. In Particular, we had the chance to learn new knowledge about forestry and forest resource management from Vietnam's leading experts and to have practical experiences in beautiful national parks. I love Vietnam, I love VNUF!


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