Doctorate education

8 tháng 10, 2017

Doctorate training at the University
Training specialties:

1. Silviculture
2. Forest Inventory and Planning
3. Management of forest resources
4. Forest product processing techniques
5. Mechanical engineering
6. Agricultural economics

I. Training objectives
Ph.D. training is to educate highly qualified scientists in a theoretical and practical capacity. They will have a good ability to do research independently, creatively, a good ability to detect and solve new problems of science, technology and supervise scientific research.

II. Form and duration of training
2.1. The duration of doctoral degree training for a person who holds a master's degree is 3 years (36 months); For those who have a university degree certificate is 4 years (48 months).
2.2. If Phd students do not study full-time, they must have a total of at least 12 months of intensive study at the University to carry out the research project.

III. Time and method of enrollment
3.1. Doctoral candidates are offered 1 to 2 times per year.
3.2. Admission form: Admission.

IV. Conditions for recruiting doctoral degree
Candidates for doctoral training must meet the following conditions:
4.1. Hold a master's degree in accordance with the registration specialization. In case of not having a master's degree, they must have a university degree with a good or excellent bachelor certificates which are suitable to the major in the recruitment.

Depending on the actual situation, the annual enrollment will show details of requirements on work experience and professional working time that candidates will need before applying. The annual enrollment will show requirements about certificates, average marks and fields at undergraduate or graduate levels to be eligible for admission to the doctoral program.
Special cases such as recruitment candidates are foreigners or transfer of training and so on, the University will set up a University-level Council to consider each case.

4.2. There is a research proposal, clearly presenting the subject or field of study, the reasons for the selection of the field of study, the desired aims and the reasons for the selection of the institution; plan implemented in each period of training duration; the experience, knowledge, understanding as well as the preparation of the candidate in the field of study; expected employment after graduation; suggested supervisors.

4.3. There are two letters of recommendation from two scientists who hold a scientific title, such as professor, associate professor, or doctor; or a letter of recommendation from a scientist in the same field and a letter of recommendation from the head of the applicant's working institution.

These recommenders are scientists who have at least 6 months of work or professional experience with the applicant. Letters of recommendation must include remarks and assessments of candidates' qualifications and capacity, including:
a. Moral qualities, especially professional ethics;
b. Capacity of professional activities;
c. Working methods;
d. Research capabilities;
e. Ability to work in teams;
g. The strengths and weaknesses of the candidates;
l. Prospects for professional development;
h. Other comments and level of support and introduction for candidates to do PhD.

4.4. Having enough English skills to understand references, participate in professional activities to conduct dissertation research.
4.5. To be nominated by the human resource management agency (if the person is employed.
Unemployed people need to be confirmed by the police where they live that they have no criminal record.
4.6. Commitment to perform financial obligations during the training process.
5. The applicant's English requirements
5.1. Applicants must have one of the following certificates:
a. Candidates must have an IELTS 5.5 or higher or equivalent English certificates;
b. University or master's certificates trained in English;

6. Announcement of enrollment
6.1. At least three months before enrollment, the University will issue an admission announcement.
6.2. Announcement of enrollment is posted at the University, and send to the relevant agencies, posted on the University's website (address:

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