Research area

12 tháng 10, 2017

Silviculture: Forest Inventory and Planning, Forest Variety, Soil Science, Urban Forestry and Lanscape Architecture.

Forest Resources and Environment Management: Plant protection, Resources Management, Environment Management, Non-Timber Forest Product, Eco-Tourism, Environment Science, Biodiversity, Breeding Wild Animals.

Wood Technology: Wood-Based Panel Technology, Designing and Making Wood Furniture, Interior Design, Wood Drying and Preservation, Forest products chemistry, Machinery and Wood Technology

Electro mechanics and Civil Engineering: Forestry Mechanization, Civil Engineering, Machine Engineering and Forestry Equipment, Electro-Mechanical Engineering.

Forest Ecology and Environment: Seed of Forestry Species, Forest Ecology and Environment, Forest resources sustainable management, New technology for forest development and protection, disaster prevention in forestry, social forestry; Applying GIS and remote sensing for monitoring and evaluating forest resources; REDD, Carbon sequestration.

Forest Biotechnology: Plant In vitro propagation, Plant Breeding, Gene technology, Genetic analysis.

Economic and Business Administration: Business Administration, Agriculture and Rural Policy, Agriculture and Forestry Market, Finance and Credit, Information Technology Application.

Land Management and Rural Development: Land use planning, geographic information system, agricultural extension, soil science, crop science

Landscape Architecture, Urban Forestry, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Application Art



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