International master program purpose and degree

20 tháng 12, 2017

Purpose and Degree

The MSc programme ‘International master program in Tropical Forestry' focuses on sustainable management and conservation of forest ecosystems worldwide and applies the long-time expertise of German and Vietnamese forest science. Graduates work in the management of forest ecosystems all around the world, often in cooperation with international organizations and projects. The course focuses on sustainable management of tropical and subtropical forests in developing or emerging countries. However, most of the acquired knowledge and management skills can be used in any other country of the world.

Along with formal course-work, students gain work- and life-experience by interacting with colleagues and professors from all around the world, increase their collaboration skills during group projects, and improve their language skills. Experience has shown that personal and professional contact established during this MSc programme is an excellent way to expand the students' professional network.

After their graduation students receive an internationally approved title as Master of Science (MSc). The MSc programme is officially accredited by Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam and positively evaluated by German universities. After successfully finishing the MSc programme, graduates fulfil the formal requirements to join a PhD programme at Vietnam National University of Forestry and other universities on the world.

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