College of forestry biotechnology introduction

27 tháng 12, 2017

1. Contact

Office: 2nd floor, A3 Building, VNUF 

Tel: +84 433 840 233

Dean: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Bui Van Thang


Vice Dean: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Viet

Vice Dean: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vu Quang Nam


2. Training Programs


 1. Biotechnology 







                                                                  Master degree:

 1. Biotechnology 










The college of Forestry Biotechnology was set up under the Decision No 258/QĐ-BNN-TCCB dated 06/02/2013 of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

1.1. Function 

The College of Forestry Biotechnology (CFB) is one of the units belonging to the Vietnam National University of Forestry with the functions of training; research; consultancy and technology transfer; and national & international cooperation.

1.2. Tasks

- To formulate strategies, planning and plans for programs and projects on science and technology in the field of biotechnology and forestry plant breeding;

- Training undergraduate and postgraduate, human resources in science and technology in the field of biotechnology and argriculture.

- Research on:   

o Application of gene technology and molecular genetics in crop breeding; analysis of genetic diversity; identifying genetic relationships; DNA testing; building DNA database of biological resources; diagnosing diseases of plants and animals; creating biological products for agriculture, forestry and environmental protection.

o Application of plant cell technology in propagation and breeding of valuable and rare species.

o Application of microbiological and biochemical technologies for the selection of useful microorganisms for production of biological products in agriculture and forestry, preservation and processing of agricultural and forestry products and environmental protection.

o To study the scientific basis and measures to conserve the forest genetic resources.

o Selection and propagation of forest and medicinal plants using traditional methods and on the basis of biotechnology.

o Establish and manage forest seed groups; seed orchard and gardens; Seed bank and pollen bank for forest plants.

- To formulate national standards, national technical regulations, economic and technical norms on biotechnology and forest seedlings according to the provisions of law.

- Providing scientific and technological services; to transfer the results of scientific and technological research into production.

- Organizing the activities of production, trading, export, import and exchange of products belonging to the college's tasks in service of scientific research, training in biotechnology and plant varieties of forestry in accordance with the law.

- International cooperation; to enter into joint ventures and partnerships with organizations and individuals engaged in scientific research and technological development in the domain of biotechnology and forest plant varieties.

- Manage the use of human resources, funds, assets and other resources assigned in accordance with the law.

- Perform other tasks assigned by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and the president of the Vietnam National University of Forestry.

1.3. Organizational structure

- Board of Directors: 01 Director and 02 Vice Directors

- Specialized units:

• General Department

• Department of Gene and Molecular Genetics

• Department of Cell Technology

• Department of Microbial and Biochemical Technology

• Department of Plant Breeding

• Department of Forest Plant Resources 

• Department of Animal Science and Veterinary

• Centrer of Consulting and Technology Transfer

- Other organizations: Communist party division, Labour unions, youth unions, science and training councils.


CFB consists of 55 staffs, including 02 Associate Profesors, 10 Doctors, 20 Masters and 23 Bachelors in mayjor of Biology, Biotechnology and Silviculture. Many of them got their degrees from oversea countries.


3.1. Training:

- The staff of the college has actively participated in the activities of teaching theory, practic guidelines, subjects, theses, graduate thesis for the training system in the university, including bachelor and Master programs. 

- Coordinate with the departments to complete the master's program in biotechnology; Reviewing the training program, practice internship for subjects managed by the college.

- Coordinate with other departments to develop a high-quality curriculum in biotechnology.

- Completed 02 Animal and Veterinary programs and sucessfully enrolled in 2017- 2018 with almost 100 students.

3.2. Research activities:

- Up to now, CFB has been carried out a hundreds of projects, consisting of different levels such as national, ministry, province and university.

- Transfer the tens of process on breeding technology and in-vitro for outside. 

- For publication, every five years CFB publish a hundreds of international, national papers, many of which have high IF. 



- CFB is assigned by the university to use the entire area on the second floor, the A3 building with the total area of over 1,000 m2 for working offices and service laboratories, practice, scientific research; and 3 ha of nursery. CFB is also assigned to manage and operate a complete set of equipment for training and research in the fields of Biology, Biote

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