Morning of August, 3, 2019, the leader of VNUF, Prof.Dr. Tran Van Chu - President together with representatives of Chungnam National University, Korea, Prof.Dr. Byung Bae Park signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two Universities. Attending the meeting was leaders of International Cooperation Department, Faculty of Forest Resources and Environmental Management, lecturers and students.

According to a memorandum of cooperation, the two sides agreed to jointly develop a project on forest resource management; cooperation in training, scientific research; introduce scholarship programs for teachers and students to study in Korea, and implement other areas of mutual concern.

Welcoming the delegation of Chungnam National University, Korea, Prof.Dr. Tran Van Chu, President of University, expressed the joy of signing between the two units. This is an important milestone in implementing specific and effective cooperation programs in the coming time between the two universities. Based on the MoU, the two universities will strengthen coordination in order to improve training quality, scientific research and so on. Detailed provisions will be implemented early and effectively.

Signed MoU is an important event, marking a big step of cooperation development between the two universities

In the contents of the meeting, Prof.Dr. Byung Bae Park gave an overview of Chungnam National University, Korea and had an academic seminar with staff, lecturers and students.

Asso.Prof.Dr. Hoang Van Sam's presentation

Prof.Dr. Byung Bae Park's speech

Some pictures of the seminar

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