International research group “Spatial analysis of organisms in the environment”

3 tháng 7, 2020

VNUF's lecturers are collaborating in an international research group namely "Spatial analysis of organisms in the environment". The working group serves as a forum to develop application-specific approaches for the use of spatial analysis in ecological studies. This research group belongs to the International Association for Landscape Ecology-IALE. Detail as below link:

The group performs the following work: 

   - Reveal the importance of the topic and increase the application of spatial analysis among scientists working on ecological dynamics and processes in terrestrial ecosystems

   - Organize symposia at IALE World or regional meetings where we can explore opportunities for joint research projects between statisticians and ecology scientists.  

   - Set up workshops on related topics (e.g., application of MATLAB, ArcGIS, and R Software such as "Spatial Statistics Tools" in ArcMap and "SPATSTAT" package in R to different topics of spatial ecology)

   - Develop and prepare publications (e.g., special issues in journals, booklets) directly focusing on the topic

The widespread application of spatial analysis in ecological studies makes it possible to consider special parts in IALE World Congresses or related topics in IALE Annual Conferences and prepare special issues to be published by technical journals (e.g., Ecological Modelling, Spatial Statistics).

The lastest bulletin in June 2020 can be found here:

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