MoU Signing ceremony between Vietnam National University of Forestry and Vietnam Japan University

17 tháng 1, 2020

On January 16, 2019, Vietnam National University of Forestry signed memorandum of understanding with Vietnam Japan University. Participating in the ceremony, representing the Vietnam National University of Forestry were Prof. Tran Van Chu, President, Assoc. Prof. Bui The Doi, Vice-President, heads of related departments and Head of the Faculty of Silviculture. Representing Vietnam Japan University was Prof. Furuta Motoo, President.

Highlighting the effort of both institutions to reach this MoU signing ceremony, Prof. Tran Van Chu claimed that cooperation between VNUF and VJU would be profitable to both sides. Prof. Tran Van Chu also stressed that following the MoU, related departments of both sides need to work hard to put the memorandum into practice, especially in training, scientific research, publish international articles ...


Upon agreement of general issues, Prof. Tran Van Chu and Prof. Furuta Motoo, signed the memorandum of understanding between two institutions. Both parties will propose and implement scientific consulting services through coordinating training, organizing seminars and workshops; capacity building for lecturers, doing joint research programs.

The leaders of the two sides strongly believe the good cooperation between the Vietnam National University of Forestry and the Vietnam Japan University

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