Board of Rectors of Vietnam National University of Forestry

12 tháng 10, 2017

President: Prof. Dr. Tran Van Chu

- In charge of the overall work of the university.

- In charge of the University Development Strategy; management, organization, personnel; emulation and commendation, disciplining of public servants and employees.

- In charge of plan; finance; physical facilities; equipment and supplies of the University. In charge of promotion of investment activities, construction of physical facilities.

- In charge of postgraduate education.

- In charge of building regulations and internal regulations.

- In charge of the projects: Constructing Facility 2 of Vietnam National University of Forestry; building student dormitory; the University development, construction and planning; projects in relation to postgraduate training.

- In charge of the units: Department of Personal Organization, Department of Financial and Accounting, Department of Investment Management, Department of Postgraduate Training, Study Abroad and Training Promotion Center.

Vice-President: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui The Doi

- In charge of international cooperation.

- In charge of General Administration, University security and safety, medical work, and fire prevention.

- In charge of information technology throughout the University, propaganda, advertisement, library, publishing, website and internal newsletter of the University.

- In charge of Advanced Training Programs, Affiliated Programs of undergraduate and postgraduate.

- In charge of University Inspection.

- In charge of the following units: International Cooperation Division; Library; Information Technology Center; Health Care Center; Inspection Division; General Administration Office; Security Division.

- To perform other duties assigned by the President. 

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