In the morning of  November 11, 2018, Vietnam National University of Forestry (VNUF)  held a graduation ceremony to for 65 students of the Advanced training curriculum in natural resource management.

After a period of active study and doing research, 65 students of the advanced program in natural resource management have completed their academic studies, completed their theses and defended them.

Attendance sessions are all students, all members of 04 committees, lecturers and foreign experts.

Students defended the thesis in English

The results of thesis defense are the basis for confirming students' achievement in academic and scientific research. At each committee, students present their theses' results in 20 minutes. Afterthat, committee members evaluate objectively, fairly and accurately the capacity of students through criteria of contents, form and scientific significance of the thesis.

Issues related to the natural resource management in theses are abundant.

When defending, the students show confidence, very good knowledge and skills which they have obtained from VNUF.

Students and committee members after successully defense

The thesis defense of the advanced program in natural resource management have taken in 02 days (10/11 and 11/11/2018). According to committees, most of the topics have high scientific and practical significance. This is results of great efforts of the students, dedicated instruction, enthusiasm of supervisors and VNUF's lecturers. These results show the capacity and quality of training at VNUF. It make contributions to the development and affirming the prestige position of the VNFU.

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