An important turning point in the journey to becoming an engineer in Japan of a student from Vietnam National University of Forestry (VNUF)

29 tháng 3, 2024

Pham Vu Minh is a former student of class of 2015 (K56) - Advanced Program in Natural Resources Management, VNUF and is currently a Research and Production Operations Engineer at Takesho Food & Ingredients Inc.

Pham Vu Minh, former student of class K56 - Advanced program in Natural Resources Management, VNUF

An important "turning point" helps the student confidently step out into the world.

VNUF is a leading training university in the fields of forest resource management, urban forestry, conservation, and biodiversity. These are important fields of study and are of interest to many countries around the world. 

Up to now, Natural Resources Management (advanced program) at VNUF is the  major to be firstly taught in English in Vietnam. This training program is inherited from Colorado State University, USA; aims to train engineers with a broad knowledge of the use and management of natural resources.

Right from the first semester, Pham Vu Minh realized that this was a major with many practical applications and the opportunity to win a full scholarship to exchange, study abroad and work in an international environment. During 4 years of study, Minh cultivated his English and diverse knowledge. This accumulated time also helps Minh better visualize his future path.

Before that, the young man never thought he could study abroad. Studying and working with leading experts at home and abroad helps Minh get closer to new sources of knowledge and issues that the world is concerned about. From there, he was inspired and changed his perception of his opportunities and potential.

"Studying the Advanced Program in Natural Resource Management is an important turning point for me to courageously step out of my small circle of safety and firmly step on the path of affirming my abilities abroad", Pham Vu Minh emphasized.

Enhance your self-worth to become a global citizen

After graduating from University in 2015, Pham Vu Minh received enthusiastic advice and support from teachers at the school to find scholarships to continue his studies at the Master's level. With unremitting efforts, he earned a full scholarship from the Japanese government (MEXT) to study for a Master's degree at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

Reflecting back on the past years, Minh said that he deeply cherished the time he spent as an undergraduate and graduate student because his teachers equipped him with solid professional knowledge and skills such as analysis and problem solving, presentation skills, etc. Thanks to that, Minh can confidently complete all tasks well. 

Currently, Minh is holding the position of Research and Production Operations Engineer at Takesho Food & Ingredients Inc., Japan. Minh hopes that in the future he can contribute values for Vietnam's agricultural and forestry product processing industry to be more competitive in the international market. 

Minh confided: "The world is getting flatter. Therefore, the trend of globalization is also inevitable. Everyone can become a global citizen if fully equipped with knowledge and skills. The time we are still students is for us to focus on cultivating and developing ourselves, thereby meeting the requirements of the labor market."

Pham Vu Minh also revealed that from 2024, the Forestry industry will become one of the four industries prioritized by Japan in recruiting skilled foreign workers to work and live long-term in this country. 


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