1 tháng 4, 2023

LINKS team with representatives of VNUF's leaders

LINKS International is a non-profit organization that connects American volunteers with other individuals or organizations to teach English in developing countries. The volunteers have different backgrounds but they all know that Language is a bridge of communication in the world. LINKS International brings native English speakers to schools to allow students to meet and hear native English speakers and to have an interaction with them. The purpose is to create a deeper desire in the students to learn English, thus making the job of the English teacher much easier. A second goal is to establish lasting friendships with teachers and students.

At the university, group of volunteers has joined to English classes and shared with students how the important of the language and how to learn foreign language even English. There were a lot of interactions between volunteers and students, the atmosphere of the class also became more attractive, thereby, students and the volunteers have more opportunities exchange their opinion with each other and practice English, especially, listening and speaking skills.

Besides, the volunteers also spent time interacting with student clubs of VNUF. The English Club for Linking English With Your Passion and the "Book and Action" Club organized a meeting with the participation of a large number of students, and volunteers of LINKS. At the meeting, the volunteers also introduced and shared how to study and practice English in daily life.

In the end of the last working day at VNUF, on behalf of the Management Boards, representatives of leaders of Faculties/Institutes and other departments Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Sam - Director of International Cooperation Division thanked and gave commemorative gifts to the volunteers and looked forward to having more cooperations with LINKS International in the future.

Photos of Link international volunteers at VNUF.

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