Working with professor Yoshiyuki Shinogi of Kyushu University, Japan

27 tháng 12, 2023

On the side of Vietnam National University of Forestry, there were Prof. Dr. Pham Van Dien, President; Prof. Dr. Pham Van Chuong; Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Sam, Director of International Cooperation Division; Dr. Tran Viet Ha, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Forestry; and other experts.

At the meeting, Prof. Yoshiyuki Shinogi presented a summary of the impacts of using biochar in soil improvement and carbon sequestration, as well as the challenges that the Japanese side is facing in improving the quality of biochar and reducing production costs, and shared about the J-Credit Scheme, in which the government certifies the amount of greenhouse gas emissions (such as CO2) reduced or removed by sinks through efforts to introduce energy-saving devices and manage forests, as "credit.". The two sides openly discussed cooperation opportunities between the two sides on high-efficiency and good-quality biochar production technology, especially cooperation in developing carbon credit projects, in the context that the Tokyo Stock Exchange has been trading carbon credits since October 11, 2023.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed to regularly exchange views on building joint projects on biochar in the coming time.

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