12 tháng 8, 2022

Attending the meeting, there were: Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Sam – Director of International Cooperation Division; Prof. Dr. Vu Tien Thinh – Dean of the Faculty of Forest Resources and Environmental Management; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Luu Quang Vinh – Head of the Department of Wildlife and lecturers of the department.

At the meeting Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Sam briefly introduced VNUF; faculties and scientists that have researched and taught in the field of forest animals. Besides, Prof. Dr. Sam also thanked Prof. Dr. Nishikawa guiding a PhD student Tran Van Dung who is a lecturer in the field of forest animals and hope that Prof. Dr. Nishikawa will support more students of VNUF.

VNUF and Kyoto University have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in 1998 and signed an internship program in 2020. The two sides agreed to re-sign an agreement of cooperation in the near future.

At the meeting, the two sides discussed opportunities for cooperation in education and scientific research in which focusing on the fields of forest animals and biodiversity conservation, participating in joint projects, conferences and international publications.

After cooperation discussion, Prof. Dr. Kanto Nishikuwa thanked the University's leaders for the welcome and gave a presentation on the diversity of amphibians in Vietnam and the cooperation between Vietnam and Japan also.

In the same morning, Prof. Dr. Kanto Nishikawa visited to the laboratory and wildlife department.

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