Master education

12 tháng 10, 2017

Master training at the University


Master training: enrollment twice a year

Training specialtites:

1. Forestry

2. Management of forest resources

3. Forest product processing

4. Mechanical engineering

5. Agricultural economics

6. Environmental Science

7. Economic management

8. Biotechnology

9. Application art

10. Land management

11. Management of Natural Resources and Environment

I. Training objectives

Master degree training to help students supplement, update and improve their knowledge; strengthen interdisciplinary knowledge; have in-depth knowledge in a particular field of study as well as skills to apply that knowledge to professional practice; to have a good independent working ability, creative thinking and ability to detect and solve problems in the sector.

II. Form, language and duration of training

2.1. Master's degree training at the University is conducted in the form of formal education and application orientation.

2.2. The official language used in master's degree training is Vietnamese, except for some international programs.

2.3. Duration of master's training:

a. Official training duration is 2 years.

b. Extension of training: If the training duration is over, the trainees shall have to carry out the extension procedures and the extension duration shall not exceed 2 years.

III. Method, number and place of enrollment

3.1. The method of enrollment for master's training includes: recruitment examinations for Vietnamese and recruitment checking for foreigners who want to study for a master's degree in Vietnam.

3.2. The master's degree enrollment is held 1-2 times a year. The president bases on learning needs, the actual situation of the University to determine the number of enrollment and the time of enrollment next year and report to the Ministry of Education and Training in December every year.

3.3. Place for enrollment examination:

a. Main campus of VNUF, address: Xuan Mai Town, Chuong My District, Hanoi.

b. Branch 2 of VNUF, address: Trang Bom Town, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province.

3.4. The regulations of the University on the enrollment method, the number of enrollments, the time of enrollment in the year and the place of enrollment are posted on the website of the University: Or

IV. Examination subjects

4.1. The enrollment examination consists of three subjects, namely:

a. Foreign language: Foreign language requirement for applicants are determined based on master training fields;

b. The other two subjects: They are core subjects of the sector, will be defined according to the requirements of each major.

4.2. The following candidates do not need language examination:

a. Having a university degree, master's or doctoral degree, which have been trained full-time abroad and recognized by competent agencies according to current regulations;

b. Graduated from advanced undergraduate training program (in English) under the scheme of the Ministry of Education and Training in some universities in Vietnam or high-quality engineer (PFIEV) confirmed by the committee engineer level (CTI, France);

c. Having a university degree in foreign languages;

d. Having a certificate of the foreign language specified in this regulation or equivalent within two years from the date of issue of the certificate to the date of registration for the examination. The University will assess the authenticity of the foreign language certificate before recognizing equivalence.

V. Obligation for applicants

5.1. About the certificate

a. Having graduated with a university degree certificate in the suitable fields, compared to registered sectors;

b. University graduates of other majors may register for enrollment after they complete additional courses;

c. University certificates issued by foreign educational universities must carry out recognition procedures according to current regulations;

5.2. The C.V of the candidate must be clear and not in execution time or time of disciplinary action.

5.3. The candidate must be healthy enough to study and finish the master training program.

5.4. To submit all necessary documents according to the University's regulations.

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