Research introduction

12 tháng 10, 2017


With 998 staff, in which there are 598 core scientists and lecturers, 01 senior lecturer, 9 professors and 48 associate professors, 123 doctors and 447 master's degree, the University has become a leading university in the field of forestry, a center for research and development of applied science and technology, has a strong position in Vietnam and has partnerships with many universities, institutions research, national and international organizations.

In the past years (2012-2018), the University has been entrusted by MARD, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology to conduct many scientific and technological projects: 16 national level projects. There are 255 international papers.

Only in 2018, the university has 15 lecturers are first authors of 36 articles and 24 citations of scientific papers in the SCI and Scopus indices.

The students' scientific and technological achievements have made great changes in quality and obtained great achievements when participating in competitions: young talented Vietnamese scientists; National start-up; National Mechanics Olympiad and participated in the Scientific Conference on Agro-Forestry-Fisheries and Marine Science.

Until 11/2018, the Forestry Science and Technology journal of the University has published 31 issues with about 611 articles. In which, there are 118 articles in English versions and 493 articles in Vienamese versions. The Journal is evaluated by the Professor State Council of good quality. The Journal has been issued to ministries, academic councils, departments of science and technology, corporations and related units. In 2016, the scientific journal published two more English issues. In 2017, the ranking of the journal has been increased dramatically. It is one of the highest ranked journals in Vietnam in the field of forest science.

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