Core values

12 tháng 10, 2017

1. Quality and Efficiency: VNUF always puts the quality of training on the top of all aspects of development (quality); Oriented development in training is to meet the needs of society and improve professional skills for students (effective).

2. Innovation and Creativity: VNUF always encourages innovation, creativity and respects to the difference and diversity in university governance, in teaching and research, and in the oriented development.

3. Inheritance and Development: VNUF always respects and inherits the development tradition; always prioritizes development and enhances the quality of traditional majors. Tradition is the launching platform of the sustainable development in the future

4. Collaboration and Friendship: VNUF has always expanded the cooperation with all national and international partners in training, research and technology transfer. Cooperation is always on the basis of equality, mutual benefit, long-term and sustainability.

5. Honesty and Responsibility: VNUF always ask for honesty and responsibility in work. Every member of VNUF must delicate, respect the rules and its regulations.

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